Ai with a conscience

Welcome to Impact AI Inc, where we are dedicated to providing ethical, responsible, and safe AI solutions for human service organizations, educational institutions, civic institutions like municipalities, and various industries across the USA. Our platform, designed with a conscience at its core, offers bespoke dialogs tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable outcomes, and we prioritize evidence-based efficacy and expert support. We work closely with licensed professionals such as social workers, medical doctors, psychologists, and municipal leaders to ensure that our platform meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

We also believe in the power of data and the opportunities it presents for revenue sharing. By partnering with Impact AI Inc, you can leverage the data gathered through our conversational AI solutions to generate new revenue streams and drive growth for your organization.

Classroom Use

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Classroom Use and Beyond Our solutions are evidence-based and supported by experts, designed to deliver measurable outcomes that make a real impact. Whether it’s enhancing the learning experience in classrooms, streamlining operations for municipalities, or providing industry-specific data manipulation without the need for an external API.

At Impact AI Inc, we recognize the importance of aligning technology with human values. Our commitment to ethical AI extends to how we handle data. We see the immense potential in data not just as a tool for growth but as a responsibility to be managed with care and integrity. By partnering with Impact AI Inc, you can be assured that the data gathered through our conversational AI solutions is handled ethically, offering opportunities for revenue sharing while driving growth for your organization in a manner that respects privacy and promotes trust.

Invest in Ethical AI Choosing Impact AI Inc means investing in a future where technology and human values align. Our expert project managers are ready to work with you to create a project plan and budget that not only meets your goals but does so responsibly and ethically. Let us help you leverage the power of conversational AI to generate new revenue streams and drive growth for your organization, all while upholding the highest standards of ethical AI practice. If you’re ready to explore how ethical, responsible, and safe AI solutions can benefit your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at bryan (at) For more information on our platform and services in the EU, visit our sister site, Join us at Impact AI Inc, where we’re committed to AI with a conscience.

Do you want to join us and work at Impact AI INC?

Firstly the requirements are: precision, commitment, love of design and aesthetics, thinking atypically, exactness, elegance, and a passion for really great products, among other things.

Secondly we are just launching with new clients new agreements and fantastic new innovations in Ai that are gonna be really really life changing – I mean crazy good!

Thirdly – get ready to join us in doing karate in the garage because this is a startup – it’s dangerous, it’s flirtatious, sometimes it’s exasperating, it’s not comfortable, easy, or fake. Check anything fake at the door.

If you’d like to join us on the board of directors – or as a salesperson – or programmer – or dialog designer here in the USA or in the EU with let us know.

Thank you for considering Impact AI Inc as your partner for trustable, expertly built AI solutions. We look forward to working with you!